About Us

New Galles Boutique is a real luxury boutique inaugurated in Brescia on 19th September 2007 with a spectacular cocktail party. In a familiar but very refined setting, which is also luxury but innovative, you can try on the most prestigious brand clothes, designed by the most famous National and International fashion creators and by talented but young designers.Thanks to a group of young buyers, the boutique is able to present both traditional and innovative excellent clothes, shoes, accessories and jewels. Among the selected brands you will find: Jil Sander, Rochas, Missoni, Joseph, Diane Von Furstenberg, Giambattista Valli the couture genius  and many more. If you are looking for quality and elegance, New Galles Boutique is the place for you. Read more about New Galles Woman Boutique in Brescia »

New Galles is also a renowned stylish boutique for men. A real reference point since 1992, for Brescia’s business men and others, it can boast the experience and the refined taste of Franco and Sergio Mainetti. Top quality men’s fashion, exclusive brands, tailored suits, rare materials. Your style, your image, your senses will be satisfied in this luxury boutique. New Galles has a wide range of suits for ceremonies as well as clothing for your spare time. In a refined setting you will find the best brand clothes: Loro Piana, Isaia, Brunello Cucinelli, Luigi Borrelli, Sartorio, Santoni shoes and more. Read more about New Galles Man Store in Brescia »